Thursday, August 31, 2017

I'm not moving anywhere.

Did you move on?
From what?
Did you move on from being sad about Larry. Are you ready to move on to bigger and brighter things? Are you ready to get back on the horse?

I basked, briefly, in the ambiance of her stupidity.

Moving on isn't something you do.
It's something that happens, organically.
If it happened any other way, I'd be eternally weighed down by grief.

He was, is and forever will be my biggest and brightest thing.

I didn't add cowboy boots to my AliExpress wishlist for the purpose of riding a horse.

Sometimes people are stupid.

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Me said...

Uggggghhhhhh. To quote a former student of mine: "Just stop talking. What you're saying is stupid and I don't care." Did you get over it?? Are you kidding me?

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