Saturday, August 12, 2017

I'll be glad when winter is over.

You wouldn't think life here is busy, but it is and I only have one kid to deal with. No .. I changed my mind, there are three of them that I actually deal with and 1/3 is the mother to 3/3.

The year didn't start off that great, but by August it's transitioned into something that will be quite unforgettable when I look back on 2017.

Finally got an office. It's been a long time coming, but once 1/3 moved out I quickly moved into beastmode and set up office before she decided she was coming back. I'd take a photo of it .. but then the people of Hickville would know what I had and know where to go when they need something. I get lots of visits for 'somethings' and very rarely get visits from people who are genuinely concerned about my well being.

I'm 40 soon. I want to be able to look back from 40 and see that I've accomplished something grand. I can live with being the widow stuck in Hicksville as long as there is something else to go with it. I have less than 2 years to find that something.

Kudos to Miss Maia for the Hubs spam.

And finally .. the boy has learned to jump.

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