Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Winter is here.

Mr. Blue Eyes.
He laughs a lot more now. He loves his Aunty Hubs and especially his Millz. Because he has a temperamental mood, it's taken nearly 4 months to find enough courage to take him to the grocery store without him having a melt-down.
He was a good boy for the occasion and saved his melt-down for this afternoon with Nanny Mitch.

Hub's has a 'camp' at her school next week for Matariki celebrations and an end of term activity. I know she'll enjoy it, but I'm still paranoid about who she sleeps next to and whether or not they have head lice or influenza. I wonder if she'll be singled out if I make her wear a swimming cap to bed. I'll make sure it's the same color as her sleeping bag ... for fashions sake.

9 days and the 2nd term of the school year is over.

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Me said...

I say, take whatever precautions you need to against lice. I've gotten it a few times, taking care of kids. With my long ass hair. NOPE.

Luckily, both times I was in a totally rad ward, and my good friend from the ward came over and literally combed through my hair for a week straight so I wouldn't have to cut it. But she was also a teacher, and had had similar things happen. I got it once when I was in middle school too and my mom just made me cut my hair instead, because it was a disaster, and my grandparents wouldn't let me back in the house with lice.

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