Friday, May 5, 2017

The going ons.

My computer has had a virus .. all because my Mum likes to click ads that look interesting. Eg. See what this woman did to lose 50kg in 30 days. Somehow she wound up at a page selling toys for adults and the site had sounds and everything. All that equals a virus. Decided to do something about it last week.

My Mum still thinks the computer is broken.

Tyler got tattoos.

Our boy has been with us for 2 months. He still cries like a mofo all the time, but he also likes to coo and smile.

Indy is 6 weeks old now.

Avi is an animal, but I love her the most.

The Boy in his hunting gears from Nanny Mitch.


2 months old. Can't fit in the sink anymore.

Chats with Aunty Hubs.

At Shani's.


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