Sunday, April 2, 2017

Having a moment.

I go through these funks where I experience a stupid person during the week and decide that everyone in the community is a stupid person too. Usually this leads me to removing everyone from my friends list on social media, muting or deleting conversations, making accounts private and forgetting about it for a while. Eventually I get over myself and things go back to normal again and I take heed to the mantra to "Love one another".

For some reason, my body makes itself sick every time something like this happens. So I currently have the flu. The flu wasn't the reason for not being at church today, the stupid people were. I've also taken personally someone elses run in with stupid people during the week.

Just lately .. there's been some wacko stuff going on in the ward and community and I feel safer removing myself from them all for a few weeks. I'm very appreciative that it's general conference for us next weekend and I don't have to see them all til Easter .. even then, it would save my sanity to drive to Masterton to Indy's blessing that Sunday just for the extra week of bliss.

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