Tuesday, April 18, 2017

More Easter

Every Easter since I could remember, one TV station use to play the 1973 version of Jesus Christ Superstar. I was never ever allowed to watch it, but there were Easters where I was able to sneak 20 minutes of it and by the time I was at High School, I'd seen most of it over 6 years.

Loved it - musically.
Religiously, I know it's pure blasphemy.

It came up in music class as a musical to analyze when I was sitting School Cert - 5th form. I was ecstatic and came home from school and told my Aunties I needed the soundtrack. They said no and then rang the school and complained. If it weren't for the fact that my music teacher at the time was also a Pastor of a local Christian church, they were ready to pull me from the class. I came home and asked for the soundtrack again. I begged for a whole month before they caved and one day and there it sat on the dining room table waiting for me.

I listened to it all night, stopping to change from Side A to Side B several times. I took it to school the next day to show my classmates that I too had the soundtrack. I lost it that day at school. I retraced my steps during the day and even missed the bus home trying to look for it. I couldn't figure out how I'd lost it when I'd kept it to safe and close. I never ever found it. I'd owned it for less than 24 hours.

I was married when I told my Aunties that story and when I told Larry the story he told me I'd lost it because I wasn't supposed to have it.


So this Easter, I spent some time YouTubing it because I still love it - musically.

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