Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easters ...

Easter has been a bit weird this year.

I sent Hubs to Auckland with my parents on Friday. I missed her by 9am. Every bad thing that could have happened to her happened. I forgot to pack her allergy medicine and she got allergies up there. I forgot to warn them about what she eats, and she had an issue in the bathroom that had her crying on the phone to me. I watched The Walking Dead that night and was still a lil bit upset about how upset Hubs was, that I shed a few tears when Carol and Daryl found each other again in episode ten.

Then there was the trip to Danniverk.
Then drama with a delusional Chinese Coconut.

Hub's will be back tomorrow.
Pictures from the week.

TJ in Hub's doll stroller pushed by Aunty Avi.


We're hoping his blue eyes are from the milk-man.

Nanny Mitch.

The Bishop postponed the Youth Dance on Thursday night because of a cyclone. It was a good call by the time 8pm came around and the cyclone hit, because we were out of power until Friday afternoon and can you imagine the chaos of a bi-stake youth in the dark? There would have been a lot of repenting to do after that night had it gone ahead.

Working on the decorations the day before was stressful. We showed our appreciation by filling up the Bishops office with the decorations. The Bishop also has a bloon phobia, so - good times. To see that video, scroll back to the top and take a look on my Instagram grid to the right ------>

.. and just because this is always funny.

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