Monday, April 10, 2017

All the babies.

The naughty boy.

Avi figured out how to cuddle and be nice.
It lasted 2 seconds.


For 4 weeks, we've coddled him. We are now reaping the benefits of coddling a newborn baby, however, I take issue with the idea that you have to leave them in their crib to 'cry'. They just spent 9 months inside a safe haven and now you want us to leave him and let him cry.
No bueno.
I'd rather a naughty baby than a sad baby .. and he's sad in this picture because he's wondering where all the coddling at?!

The easter bunny visited her.

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and sending the little fish to Auckland to my sister, with my parents, for the easter weekend. She is eager to go to see the StrongArms and spend a chocolatey weekend with them.
While she's gone, me and Avi I will sleep.

Term 1 of school is over this week.

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