Saturday, March 4, 2017

The happenings.

I finally finished the second book. I'm still an amateur when it comes to writing a book, but I managed to pull it all together and got decent sales on the first book and enough people to moan about when the second book was coming out. I was late in completing it for sponsors and lost a few, as mentioned before, but I got through it and it's done. There are still a few things to do before the paperback version will be available, but the digital file is good to go.

Tyler's about ready to blow. She finished work this week and has been home resting or following me wherever I go. The nesting phase hasn't come yet, but her parents bought her a changing table this morning that has found a place in my living room because we have too much baby stuff everywhere else. Hopefully looking at it every day will inspire her.

We got rid of Hub's this morning and went to see Shaily at the Relay for Life event at the sports park in town. She's running/walking for 12 hours. It was pretty inspiring and I got me a squad to do it with next year.

Big sister and little sister yesterday. Avis is going to eat the new baby up.

Shaily got her braces off during the week.

Hub's is going fantastic at school .. and she's been wearing that dress since Wednesday.

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Me said...

I'm so proud of her!

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