Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Life lately.

Hub's and our TyTy .. and that teddy bear.

Protecting him from that one fly in the house.

He's delish and his Aunty Avi still isn't too sure about him.

Three freeloaders now.

A visit to The Livians was a good break away from being stuck in the house for a week. I forgot to take a photo of Avi while we were there. She is huge now. A tower compared to the new Chinese Prince.

Tonight The Tylers are sleeping away from home. I'm taking advantage of the scream-less night and going to bed earlier than usual. I thanked Mitchy this morning for dealing with Hubba as a newborn.
I would have lost my mind years ago had it been my job. This is probably why Tyler needs 3 Mums to help her with one job, but she's doing well regardless of my thinking she's a cabbage most days.

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