Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Indy is here!

Indy Georgia Rose graced us at 1am this morning.
Baby #4 for brother 3.
8lbs 3 oz.
Has her Dads huge nose.

Tyler-Jay and Indy.
3 week age gap.
They are going to be tyrants, I know it.

May I explain my brothers name choices ...
Coral - from Coral Reef. If she were a boy, we would be calling him Reef right now.
Waimea - Waimea Bay Beach, Hawaii.
Ngawi - Ngawi Beach, Wairarapa
Indy - Indicators Point in Raglan. Indicators is the third break of the world class Raglan point breaks. Indicators is a long left hand point break on a boulder/rock beach. The wave is the longest, fastest wave out of the three Raglan points. The wave has two main parts, Outers and Insides. Outers is further out at the point (West end) and starts with a gnarly drop in, into a fast barrel section.

I wondered whether or not he was smoking something, but found the name was suggested by one of his sausage sizzle mates.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How fun to have two new babies in the family.

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