Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Surviving Valentines Day.

Another widow told me this morning that valentines for her was 'a day of sorrow'. She said her heart was hurting just a little bit more today because she has no one to share it with. She said she found today so difficult that she decided to just mow her lawns. She said all the songs on google radio today didn't help when she went on her morning walk. Ballad after ballad played and the only emotion each song impressed was dread.

I miss Larry, but the longing doesn't get extra unbearable just because he's not here to give me flowers or chocolate. I asked her if she wanted the heart shaped cookie I bought for Hub's valentines gift. She's my valentine.

So how do you survive Valentines Day when you're not a widow like me who really doesn't give a crap?

I don't think there's a code to get over the meaning of today when your sweetheart isn't here to send you love heart emoji's every other minute. It's no help that consumerism doesn't let you forget anything and all I've seen on TV for the last week has been targeted at lovers.

Valentines Day is not limited to couples only, but is open for observation by everyone. It's not a time to be reminded that the one you love the most is not here to share it, it's a time to be with those who are here and if you happen to get chocolate and flowers then 50 shades of grey points to you.

As a widow, I have some great valentines day memories ... like the time he forgot and gave me a bag of limited edition raspberry M&Ms and slept on the couch for the rest of the week.

On the other hand, there was that time he didn't forget and hired a movie theater and had BBQ bought in.

But my favorite was the last one.
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Unknown said...

Love it! espesh the Movie theatre one thats friggan awesome

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