Friday, February 17, 2017

One ring to rule them all.

About a year ago I looked down at Larry's wedding band on my finger and thought ... I should take it off.

In the time passed, although irrelevant really, I've learned that the significance of a ring is not essential to making a marriage. The commitment you make to each other is the same with or without it. It doesn't make a marriage less safe and secure by having one, but what it does do is symbolizes a unification because of it's endless shape.

Marriage is about trust, loyalty, faith and love and I'm not giving up any of those rights and privileges by taking the ring off. My marriage isn't over because I'm taking it off, but he has gone. It's my reality when I twist his ring around my finger every day.

I'm OK taking it off because I've come to be OK after going on 5 years later. It's not a difficult choice because I know I'm still married on an eternal level that I'm still trying to comprehend is even possible.

The best place for it?
In a suede ring box.
With my wedding rings.


And if Lasse Matberg wants to buy me a new one .. I have a spare finger.

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Unknown said...

Awww Mella, Beautiful and sad at the same time, keep your chin up girl, He watches over you, can't hardly believe its been 5 years! Now hurry up and come over and have dinner with me, gosh its been way to long, we need.a catch up lady

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