Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saw the fish.

Avi is a Shultz for the weekend while her far-now are out of town. Took her to the Aquarium in Napier. We got there right on feeding time. Not the best idea because to see the feeding frenzy you have to go through the tunnel and everyone was there to watch it. Hub's loved the tunnel. We had to go through it five times.

Avi just did not care. She sat in her stroller looking all bored. The only smile I got from her was in the elevator when it jolted upwards. PS. The elevator at the Aquarium is shady.

I did this a few times because she hated the faux shark and fought to get out of her stroller and away from it. She needed some memory to take away with her of the Aquarium and the real fish just didn't spark her interest.

.. and here's Hubs back in 2011. Same age. Same place. Different Selachimorpha. I tried in vain to find the photo of Nessa and the same shark doing the same thing. Nessa still hates Brucey, from Finding Nemo, to this day.

100% wasted $30 .. but I'm feeling OK about it because I know someone who spent $435 on a phone call today because they were roaming internationally.

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