Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Just smile Avis.

Had her for 20 minutes today.
It was the worst 20 minutes ever, especially when combined with Hubs.

She arrived half asleep with her diaper/nappy half off and I only had a smaller sized pack .. so she was bare ass for about 2 minutes.

She managed to pee, with her half off nappy, all up in her suit and poop on my floor twice. I gave her a bath and had Hubba watch her while I cleaned the poop. She doesn't listen to anything Hubba tells her to do and decided she wanted out of the bath-tub. Barely taller than the tub and she tried to climb out herself. When I told her she was a disgusting foul mofo, she just laughed.

But how can you complain about cleaning poop off of your carpet when the culprit is teeth grittingly* cute.

* possible this isn't a word.

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