Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Avilicious

Jan 18th - 2016.

Jan 18th - 2017.

Back to reality for Shaily today. Her summer holiday has ended.
Just in time for Avi's birthday bash.

With big sister Nessa.

With Dad.

With big sister Tyler.

Rome was AWOL.
Jeston was stuck to his device.
Mum was in the kitchen and Avi just didn't want a photo with Hubba.

The Birthday Girl

At this point she was over her high chair and everyone around her. Hub's was the killjoy who blew out her candle during the final birthday words .. happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday My Avis! I love you more than your sisters .. maybe a grain more than Hubs.
Just tricking Hubs. Except for yesterday. You were an imbecile yesterday.

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