Saturday, January 28, 2017

Aunty Poppy

Aunty Poppy died this afternoon just across the road. She was my go to after the Aunties died and I remembered her every time we had something as a family because I knew she'd appreciate the invitation and enjoy her time with us.

I visited her a few weeks go. Hubba and I walked across the street and expected the worst because she had been sick for a few months. She was talkative and content, but not at all herself. It had been a hard few months for her and her new demeanor was to be expected, but I don't want to remember her that way and as much as I wanted to walk across the road this afternoon when I found out, I didn't want to remember her that way either.

I'm sad that she has gone because she was the next best thing next to The Aunties, but I'm happy for her because she is at peace. I imagined the reunion she'd be having on the other side with everyone we miss and love on this side. She is going to talk their ears off.

I read once that when one passes from this side of the veil and becomes a newbie on the other side, family and friends who are on the other side flock to hear of their loved ones they are waiting for. I hope that since Aunty Marva and Larry's departure, I've done enough for her to give a good report on life after them here.

She was one of the greats in my life Aunty Poppy and I will miss her very much.


Unknown said...

We got news today as well. She dedicated her life to her whanau which is one the greatest sacrifices anyone can make. Saw her last at Nanna tangi and now it's her turn. She will be greatly missed xox

Me said...

I'm so sorry I've been caught up in my own things and didn't tell you I'm sorry about your aunt :(

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