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10 days into Jan.

Since reading Aunty Hop's letters and starting the BoM since the beginning of the year, it was a good time to teach her about keeping a record of things.  Reading Aunty Hop's letters is like reading my life from someone else's perspective and inputting her own life into the letters just makes it more great to read. There is something in there about everyone in her life at the time, including the dogs my grandfather or Papa Greg owned.

Hub's started a journal yesterday. I think I was 8 when I first started a journal and there was ALOT of stuff in there about New Kids on the Block and Karate Kids Ralph Macchio. She wrote about her day and wanted to add how much she thinks Laman and Lamuel are morons, but I told her anyone who has read the book would most likely agree anyway.

Maxed out at 29°C today. Tomorrow is supposed to be 33, which isn't too bad by desert standards, but with 47% humidity, it's a bit unbearable.

Got to see Miss Avi today because I didn't get to see her yesterday. She's a teething monster at the moment. She'll be a year old next Wednesday. P-a-r-t-a-y.

Livian went diving this morning with his squad. I've never known Livian to go diving before. Surfing yes, painting a house yes, mowing the lawns three times a week yes. Diving ... it's a first.
Between them they bought enough seafood home to feed three houses.

Kina (sea urchin). Mitchy had her first taste today and actually liked them. They're best had straight from the shell. There is no other way to have them.

Two little fish.


Dinner with The Parentals.

Ending the day with a strawberry milkshake .. and I don't usually like strawberries.

It was Mitchy's birthday yesterday. It wasn't forgotten.
Happy Birthday for yesterday Mitch. That's two orders of dynamite I owe you because I still didn't make last years one.

Last night I was advised to read Standing For Something by Gordon B Hinkley.
I'll let you know how that goes.


Me said…
I have a ton of my old journals!! I started mine because of church, but it's something I'll always be glad I have done. Love that she's going to get to have that experience too, of looking back at her younger self :)
Melissa said…
I wanna read that too. I'll be interested to see if you like it. That food looks amazing.

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