Sunday, December 18, 2016

Still cute doe

My Christmas tree fell down for the 5th time this weekend. The first 4 times were because of Avilicious who just couldn't help herself and the last time, which was the worst time, was because of the wind.

Christmas is not completely over in Casa de Shultz, but the big tree came down with all the pretty decorations and will not be up again this Christmas. Also told Tyler to remind me not to put it up next year either because her minion will be 9 months and probably a no-ears tyrant.

We still have the other Christmas tree up and I strung lights, in 32°C weather, across half of my ranch slider.

I'm over Christmas and summer already.

Avi, who has been here since Thursday, went home with her other parents this afternoon. I miss her already, but I'm looking forward to a sleep in and Hub's is looking forward to jumping ship into my bed for the rest of the holidays. Little does she know, I'm sleeping alone tonight.

I need it.
I've been sharing a bed with a helicopter since Thursday.

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Me said...

It's 32 here also. Fareinheit. For the high :/

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