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Here's looking at you 2017.

I don't have a New Years resolution, but more so enforcing what I decided for myself and my lifestyle during the last months of 2016. They were major changes for me and even though I struggle with them all the time, I know it's for the better.

One was disassociating myself with people that don't care. When I care I care big, but it's never reciprocated back. There are many in my life who don't have the ricochet complex when it comes to good deeds or simple reliability and it's sad that sometimes it's the closest ones that tend to take advantage. I quickly found out that the only person I can truly rely on is me.

Get away. You need to get away now and again and since I haven't been to the temple for about two years, I added those to my 2017 calendar as a must. I had valid excuses why I couldn't go, but I had more excuses for just not wanting to go. I've been sitting here waiting for peace and realization to come to me when I knew where it was the whole time. It's unfortunate that we don't have the ward temple trips anymore. It's nice to always see a familiar face at the temple, but I won't let my Nigel-no-mates-at-the-temple interfere with my attendance anymore.

Church. Love hate relationship there. The whole disassociating myself thing doesn't help because there are a few that I see on Sunday that I'd rather not see. It's been a downer in the ward for a few years, but I trust things will pick up in 2017. Attendance with a smile. I have to not worry about who's going to play the piano on Sunday because it's more than likely going to be me and I have to not worry about when I hit a bung note because of the 100+ people in our ward .. I'm 1 of 4 who know the instrument.

Work. Need a job. Decided to give up the job at the school because of the lack of confidence I have in the BoT. If Hubba's teacher wasn't going back in 2017, I would be looking at a new school for her. I'd like to work at a school so I can get the school holidays off. There are prospects on the job front, but I have another month before I can secure anything. All I know is .. I don't want to work at a Mortuary.

Save dineros. Good money management teaches that if you have unnecessary debt, there's no point in trying to save. I knocked out two credit cards last year and I didn't have to starve to do it. It's very do-able. The big one for me is to restrict my time with Michelle trips to town, but you know what .. it gets so boring at home when you've send your child off to school and have already cleaned the entire house before 9am.

The Book. A few ideas on the book. Lost my sponsorship and got it back. I thought I had writers block, but I didn't. Sitting in front of a computer you easily get side tracked to watching Scare-Cam pranks or stalking someone you went to college with 20 years ago. I need an office, but Tyler won't move out.

Tyler. She's a hot mess and the most tragic part of my life. Love her to bits, but she's got lots of growing up to do. I'd kick her out in a heart beat if I knew she was going somewhere she feels content, but that's no where but here. She'll become two in March when Little Balls pops out and although I've vowed to not interfere, I have mixed feelings about her and Motherhood. She may surprise me and I can have pretend high hopes about that.

Hubs. I just want her to be happy and healthy. She means everything to me and I've got one shot at Mothering and am doing everything I can to do it right. I restrict her from so much, I know, but those limitations I've put on her have made her unbelievably self sufficient. So much so, that when I die I know she'll be able to take care of Tyler and Little Balls :)

Getting more ink this year.
Your body is a temple and Mama needs new wallpaper.

Happy New Year Internets.
May it be a good one for you.


Me said…
Sweet!! I'm thinking of some new ink too as well as a piercing to match Hubs! Any idea what yours will be? :D

Also, people are assholes. I always feel like, it's better to spend more time alone than to put up with a lot of overblow drama.
Melissa said…
Good luck. Love the goals. Happy new year.

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