Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Grumpy christmas.

I feel it's brewing to be the worst Christmas in a while. I'm trying to remember the worst one before that. Even when Larry died a month before Christmas it wasn't the worst Christmas really. I woke up yesterday feeling different and woke up today feeling worse than yesterday. Mitchy said it was the cold sore I've been rocking since Saturday. I can't pin point what it is, but it's not the cold sore.

I would like to be left alone on Christmas day, me and mine, but I'm doing it for Hub's and mingling with my family for a couple of hours.

I'm over the visitors who always want something. When did visiting stop being visiting to actually visit and observe the well being of the person? I've spent too much money on a dumb platter and people keep giving me chocolate. Like I need it.

2017 is looking positive, but the ending of 2016 looks very blah.

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