Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12 days till Christmas - Rebel Girl.

Mum, MUM. Can I PLEASE have a kitten for Christmas? I'm not allergic anymore because I've been holding Ngawi's cat all.this.time.
(30 minutes)
No cats.
Please Mum!? I'm not even allergic anymore!

We get home not 2 minutes later.

Your eyes are puffy and you have welts everywhere.
It's not the cat Mum, it wasn't the cat!
It wasn't the cat! It wasn't!
It wasn't the cat Mum, please it wasn't the cat!
Please Mum! It wasn't the cat!
Off to the emergency department we went.

Excuse the typo from the Dr, but it was the damn cat.  

Stayed home from school today because she looked like Shrek and her medicine had her sleep in till 9.30am.

She's been wanting this for a few months. I promised her she could get them when school was over for the year. We're 2 days shy of the end of the school year and since we were home today. She was a brave little fish and was more excited than anxious.

She also wants a short hair-cut like Larell (still thinking about this one), blue hair and a real tattoo.
Happy Holidays.
Now some pictures of pretty girls and not Shrek girl.

Ok .. one last Shrek photo.

Happy Holidays.

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Me said...

I loved my short hair, I always wanted it as a kid because my long hair was hard for me to manage as a kid. Now that I'm older I switch it up a lot. I have some temporary blue here I got as a white elephant gift, I'll send :)

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