Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wrapping up October.

Avi needed to know what a Chit Chat tasted like.

She said it was good.

The Halloween fiasco.

Trunk or Treat at the chapel last night was a success. I only went to pick up my BBQ and got roped into staying longer than I wanted. It was also freezing last night and there is snow on the montanas today.

I don't know what she was supposed to be sitting in the back of her car with her picnic basket, but her's was the first trunk we stopped at.

These three.

Harry Potter was there.

And  the popular clowns were there.

The whole community was there.

Plus a few Hastings wards.

I was over it last Friday.

Ngawizzle the one legged zombie.

Best costume of the night I think.

Shaily and her squad.

Hubba and Ngawi.

The BBQ I came for.

Happy November!

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