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Where are we going?

Read a blog online a few months ago about planning family holidays. Since there's only two of us, basically, I thought it would be easy and started to 'plan' the same day I read the blog. I had used before and knew that they take bookings and you don't have to pay until the end of your trip. I thought this was awesome, until I realized that planning 4 holidays for all of next year quickly added up to a little under 5k- round trip.

Decided quickly that the blog I read only gave me one useful advice.
Plan ahead.

When we were in California, we'd head to Ventura once a month to get away. We could back then. We had the time and finances to do it on a whim. Now and again we'd head the other way to Vegas and stay in Primm, NV where the hotels, back then, were $16 a night and not a mattress in a carpark as you'd expect for that price.

The best I've done in NZ was when Larry's niece came a few months ago and we stayed in a fancy hotel in Auckland. Totally made me broke for the rest of the month, but I had a good time.

Spent my sick weekend looking up cheap places around the country that I could take Hub's to at the end of every school term. I looked up accommodation and the cheapest I found was basically a tent in the middle of no where for $10 a night. Kept planning.

A few points I learnt during my weekend research is to plan ahead. Plan all your holidays ahead. So I penciled in on my calendar for 4 get-aways. The next was to budget for it. I've spaced them 10 weeks apart (end of the school term) giving me 10 weeks to save for the next trip. 10 weeks is ample time to put money away for a get away. Next I picked where I'd go and the Ventura thing came back to mind. We went to Ventura because we knew Ventura. We knew the price of Ventura and we knew where to eat in Ventura.

So I confirmed when we're going, where we're going and roughly how much it's going to cost for a weekend get-away times four. If there is nothing to do when we get there, that's ok because getting creative is free. eg: being chased through a paddock by sheep.


Me said…
I'll look up the place we stayed in Rotorua. It had cabins and tent camping too for so reasonable I was surprised how nice it was, and they have the baths there :) the locals all go there just to use the baths. They rent a little cabin, go fish in the lake, and use the baths. Some people were telling me about it.
Melissa said…
Great idea. I'm exited to see where you go.

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