Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Splinter.

Hubba got two splinters in her foot at school today. This is what happens when you don't wear shoes on the playground. I'm a little annoyed that her teacher left them because they lodged deeper into her feet and by the time she got home they were not reachable.

I tried with tweezers.
She hyperventilated.

Took her down to the The Livian, and that only left two mothers traumatized and a little girl on the verge of a panic attack. I did not take photos of this. I did not think to. I wouldn't have anyway. It was a sad 30 minutes watching her fight and scream and lose her breath. I told Mitchy I wasn't going in when it's time for Hub's to have a baby in the future. Worst. Patient. Ever. Pretty sure she was speaking in tongues during that ordeal. She was fine ten minutes after cuddles and 'wear your fricken shoes' counsel.

At The Livians. Pretty much my third home, after Mums.

This reject.

The Splinter Queen.

The Country Bumpkin.

Two bumpkins.

Rome. Just Rome.

Juju on that beat.

The toasting of the giganto marshmallows.

That Mahni in the back.

And our Avis.

Tyler's away on tour down South.
Sister visits for the weekend (she's 36 tomorrow).
The Boatie's get in on the weekend (She was 30 on Tuesday).
Jasiah's birthday bash on the weekend (he was 7 yesterday).
Happy Cracker night during the weekend.
It's gonna be a long weekend.

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Me said...

YAY!! I got a blog nickname!!

In the states we aren't allowed to take kids splinters out, and it would always make me so sad. We would have to call their parents. It's considered an "invasive medical procedure" :/ Most parents aren't able to leave work due to splinters tho, so kids end up suffering through till end of day. But they could have at least called you. Also, aren't you at the school?

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