Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sufferin Succotash

3 years ago she ran into the back of a chapel pew and killed her two front teeth. The dentist told me the two teeth would turn black and give her problems until they come out and suggested I take her in to get them both removed, but she was barely 3 years old and I didn't want to do that. Someone else told me to just sit and watch for a few months.

A few months ago her dentist said the teeth need to come out to make room for her adult teeth. I spotted the other tooth last week and, on the down low, did all I could to wiggle that old baby free. I'd throw a ball at her face in the hope something would work. I spoon fed her like I feed Avi and hit her tooth "accidentally" and during a pillow fight last month, I whacked her extra hard. It's ok, she didn't cry.

Got down to business tonight. It had to come out. We pulled for 10 minutes before I just gripped it between my finger and thumb and yanked it out.

The tooth was huge and smelled like Parmesan cheese.
Now she sounds like Sylvester the cat.

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