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Self Reliance - figure it out.

I should have started that course when our ward began it a few months ago. I've heard only good feedback from it and I took a look at the basics last night on the church website. They list 12 principles of achieving self reliance and the 2nd principle is found in Alma 34:32.

I spend a lot of time with my family here. It may come across as a failed life in the eyes of so many ignorants, but I actually love my family to the end of time, which is never, so I love them for always. My Mum is my comfort. The Livian my protector. Papa Greg my shelter. My younger brother is a pain in my ass, but I still love him. From afar, my other siblings play a role in my life too, but my sister was my refuge from everything.

Today she said otherwise and I went back to that self reliance page with her opinion in my mind that what I do here is equivalent to freeloading.

The 2nd principle.
Use your time wisely.

It's something I've failed to do for the last few years because I get side tracked and/or procrastinate. This is obvious in diets, fads, book extensions or losing sponsorships because I didn't meet a due date. I had no time when I was home schooling Hubs, but I found my chi when she went to school and it was my sister who told me to embrace the break from her during the day.

I'm making memories with my mother who we're all going to lose one day. It's the memories I have of Larry and I that help me get through my life and when she's gone, I want those kind of memories too. That's why I sit in her lounge every other day for hours. Just to be with her. It's the same reason I sit at The Livians on the off days. I love the company I keep here. They build me up when others bring me down. I don't go to The Farmers house because there's no where to sit with all the laundry on their couch, but we meet half way at our Parents place.

Don't deem someone a loser because you have chosen to have no one where you are.

The 6th.
Solve problems.

Larry always told me that if you can't work the problem out and you've tried and tried, forget it. It will only crumble on top of you if you try to work through it too many times. I practice this. There are people in my life who I've forgotten because they're impossible. I push the issue aside and move forward knowing that I've done all I could to no avail.

The 9th.
Enough said.

Self Reliance.
To worry about me and the direction I'm going in my life by looking at the bigger picture. I'm still trying to be the best someone for a 6 year old who thinks I'm pretty amazing because I made normal water into lime flavored water by shaking dust into it.

Self Reliance Principles


Anonymous said…
I love you. I don't always understand you, but I love you. You inspire me. You are such a strong woman. Thank you for the example you set.

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