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PhotoShop and dead peeps.

Let me tell you about how I recently applied for a job at a local Mortuary because they needed someone advanced in Photoshop. Did not get the correlation at first until I did some research via their website to see that funeral programs and heavily pictured obituaries are offered as a part of their service to take care of departed loved ones.

I applied right away. Sent in my resume and portfolio. I was able to tick a few more of their boxes like, competent in Microsoft Office and a list of Adobe products. Had a phone interview last Thursday and was asked a bunch of questions about empathy and was emailed a few case scenarios and how I'd work my way out of them.

Pretty sure I was secured the job when I received the list of duties and given a start date of mid-Jan. Read through three pages of duties and was feeling quite happy with myself.

It was that easy.

Then I got to the bottom of the list.
  • Late night closing.
  • Final check and securing of the cold chambers.
What's a cold chamber you ask?

Not in your wildest fricken dreams.


Melissa said…
Hahahahahaha they almost had you.
Me said…
I've had a job like that, it's actually not as bad as you think. What's worse is if you have like one super creepy coworker, and its just you and creeper and all the dead peeps and you're just sitting there like "Is this person a serial killer?".

That is why working alone is always the best.

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