Wednesday, October 19, 2016

There's no point arguing with her.

I should never have let her stay home from school today. Never.

Mum, on the Big Bang Theory they said our ancestors were monkeys.
That's what some people think.
If that's true why can't I get up this tree?
The lack of opposable thumbs.
Disposable thumbs?

Sit there I'll take a photo of you! Smile!

Ok, no smile!

Avi got a new car.

Biking to Mummy Mitchy's.

Biking home from Mummy Mitchy's.

Then we had a race.

Mum, it looks like the sky is bleeding.
The sun is setting.
What does that mean.
As the sun goes down it scatters light. Little small bits in the atmosphere make the light bounce in different directions making all the different colors.
Ohhhh, so the SUN is bleeding.

Talked her out of attending the A&P show, which is in town this labour weekend. After a few hours of arguing, she settled with $20 worth of play dough crap and a Muffs Bakery mince pie.

I'm so glad she's in bed right now and ecstatic about school tomorrow, even though it's the last day before the long weekend. 6 hours of quiet is worth the 8am wake-up call after a Tylenol PM.

PS: Just when you thought the bond between you and your older brother couldn't get any closer .. he gives you the graphic version of his prostate exam, with an unexpected view of the area prodded.

We shall remember this day for next year and get him a cake.
We will call it ... Violation Day for a good cause.

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Me said...

She asks such good questions :)

I'm actually working on a cartoon series right now with a friend, and one of the episodes is about evolution, although it focuses more on the connection between dolphins and humans than dwelling on primates exclusively. We're still in the formative stages, but maybe Hubs can give a critique when it's done :) I feel like she'd be pretty honest :D

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