Monday, October 17, 2016

Middle fingers up, put em hands high.

At a tangi a few weeks ago .. a very big bird whispered something in my brothers ear. Unsettled by the information, he informed us all. It sat with him for a week or two, but it didn't sit well and so he did something about it.

Our other brother fathered a child years ago and that big bird felt it her duty to say something about it in such a casual way that it makes me want to set her weave aflame.

The brother who received the information made contact with her.

The shitty thing is .. people in this cesspool community have known about it for 22 years and for 22 years of her life, she thought we simply didn't care.

We didn't know.

I know you people read this blog and it's stuff like this that reminds me why I don't have time for most of you.

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