Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Grateful for what little I have ..

Standing behind two Mums tonight in the line at a local super market, I watched as they both unloaded their baskets of groceries. I chose to leave my kid in the car with Shaily because she'd just had a bath and no kid should be walking around after a bath even if all Mum needed was to restock the cupboard that was void of Pepsi Max.

Mum #1 had bread, milk, ham, three packs of cookies, cheese slices, a jar of pickles, a 1 litre Heineken and two kids.

She had $20.
Her shopping came to $25.80.
She put back the bread, ham and cheese.

Mum #2 had bread, milk, the family chicken dinner pack, toilet paper and wanted a pack of cigarettes.

She had $40 and four kids.
Her shopping came to $48-something.
She gave back the chicken dinner pack.

I told Shaily about it in the car. I wasn't judging, I just didn't get it. How did those children manage to keep smiling when their meal was sacrificed for an addiction.

I had $20.
Hub's wanted a chocolate. Shaily wanted a drink. I wanted the sacred Peps and we needed water, eggs and bread.  I grabbed 7 boxes of Smarties from the stands for the 6 kids and my 1 kid in the car.  I wanted them to keep their smiles.

My cupboard is still void of Pepsi Max.

Grateful today that my addiction to caffeinated beverages is not habit forming enough to give up eggs and GF vanilla milk straws for the crisp fresh taste that is Pepsi Max.

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Me said...

I don't get it either :(

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