Saturday, October 15, 2016


Cleaning my garage today, I found things that I'd been looking for years ago. One was an amethyst necklace I got at a Yokut Indian Res. in San Joaquin Valley years ago. The old Indian man, who pushed the sale, told me it was good for teething and when I told him I didn't have any babies, he told me it would come. I bought the necklace anyway and lost it as soon as we got here. I tried to look for it when Hub's was a bambino, but for the life of me, I couldn't find it.

Found it this morning looking for batteries. It was hiding inside the compartment on the Wii where the disc goes. I can only imagine how it got there, but at least I found it. I don't know how wearing a necklace is going to help anyone's teeth, but Avi has been rocking a necklace since her teething was suspected a few months ago.

The note that was attached to it also said it protected it's owner from drunkenness. So next time my sister is here, I'll hang it round her neck.


Me said...

A lot of the Native kids from the Rez rock similar necklaces. They basically just chew on them when they're teething. :)

Melissa said...

It's beautiful.

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