Sunday, September 18, 2016

Primary Presentation

Anxious all week about the primary presentation. I had a stake assignment at the same time and had to practice my free agency and decide which needed me most. What I hate most about playing the piano is that when I make the smallest mistake, I think everyone is laughing at me. I told myself to get over that today while I sat and played during ALL of sacrament. I know it's a talent I don't utilize enough, but it's also a fear that I just can't deal with.

If you're ignorant to the practices in Mormonism, Primary Presentation is when all the kids take over sacrament meeting and bore you to death speak on the topic of the year. They also dress in white just to make it seem a little more angelic.

Hubba refused to wear the silvery shoes I put out for her. She thought her red cowgirl boots were much more appropriate. I figured, if you argue on the Sabbath it's going to end in swear words, possibly blasphemy.

She wanted to know that her hair didn't make her look moronic.
She should've looked 3 feet south at her feet.

Happy 8 months to my AviAvs!

And to end this on a note opposite to positive.
To the Saint who walked her primary class through the middle of mothers, who weren't even having a conversation with each other, this afternoon proclaiming 'gossips' to the open air ...
... Stay classy.

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Anonymous said...

Hubba is beautiful and her hair is amazing. She does look angelic, but with a twist of spice. So she's a nonconformist; that is not all bad.

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