Sunday, August 7, 2016

The F-Word squared.

Something happened in my ward today that has made me want to take a hiatus of it. It was foul and the sad thing about it was Tyler's non-member boyfriend was there. It was up on FB for the world to see for a little while and people who don't know shit from sugar commented, which only fueled the fire.

I've been struggling with my ward for a while. Some of the members in it are an acquired taste and I can't seem to get past how bitter that taste is. I shouldn't feel that way about a congregation I've spent most of my life with, but I do and it's really not me.

I have tried and tried to like my ward. I have tried to get past the people in it that leave the sour taste in my mouth and I fully know it's just the people in the church and not the church itself. I know that no one is perfect .. but some people don't even try.

Tonight I need to take heed of the ministry of MC Hammer because ... I need Jesus.

This is why I trust a few.
This is why I avoid people.
It's the cherry on the top if I were to take that hiatus.

The sad thing is since Larry died, apart from my immediate family, the ward has been the only constant in my life, but today it's obvious that the division has never been so wide.

I would love to know the chemistry of revelation.

I believe in freedom of speech and from her words all I got was thanks and a lesson on sacrifice. If anyone was offended by her words, it's because you've assumed she implied what no one else is willing to say.

The church is true Internets, but Holy Balls the people in it are prone to imbecility.

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