Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The End of August.

Hub's is 6 on Friday. We're heading out of town for the weekend to spend it with Sister in Auckland and her brood. Mitchy's crew are coming too (how could I possibly leave Avi for a weekend?). There will be so many kids in the house that I should be dreading it, but sometimes getting out of town and spending it with ten kids is worth the headache. Sacrifices. Trying to plan a run away with sister and Mitchy one night we're there. Leave all the kids with Uncle Joel, Shaily and Ezroid.

My Mum hates us all for leaving her here and she said she won't forgive us unless we bring back pillows from the markets.

Received this photo last night of Avi with my Grandmother, Ma. They thought it was hilarious. I thought it was so not funny that I sent swear words to the two who thought the image hilarious. I lost sleep because I kept seeing my poor Avis crying, scared ...

People forget how scared Harry Potter was of dementors.
Not fricken funny at all.

The End.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last week of August 2016

That TTPA decision was a good decision.

Big girl no longer needs the car seat shopping carts. She can sit up all by herself AND .. she can count to twenty. Not really, but she's that awesome.

I only like SnapChat for the filters otherwise, I would not have downloaded it twice.

Spring is coming.
Last week she had chicken pox for a second time. I took her to the Drs when the incubation period was almost over. I thought it was nothing until a school newsletter came out with a chicken pox alert. She stayed home for two days and drove me insane. She wants to go to Auckland for her birthday next Friday and her Aunty up there has bribed her enough to want to go so bad.

The weather is getting warmer, hence the tea party today after church. It's officially Spring on Thursday, but the last winds of winter won't leave us until mid October. I wagged church today because I'm still harboring bitterness about my ward. I love most of them there, but some of them are bloody impossible.

I already have Monday-i-tus.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Ngawi's visit to the hospital.

SpideyLeg has been sick for a few weeks. He spent the day at the hospital getting tested and monitored etc. Should be out tomorrow.

He's the bravest guy since Uncle Lazz.
Big Loves Ngawizzi!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy 23rd.

Today, Tyler is 23.
She came home from work grumpy because she had to go to Wellington for the day to be a Maori in front of Matua Hone Key for some Governor General farewell.

I'd be grumpy too.

Also told her that her birthdays will never be the same again after this one. She thinks this one was the worst one because she had to work and travel. I'll remind her next year when she has a baby hanging off her boob watching Friends re-runs sitting at home with me and Hubba just how great last years was when she had to travel to Wellington and work on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Tu-Pai Ty.
Love you long time.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Scenes from the iPhone.

I'm going to try and have a good week this week.
Please be a good week!
Good times from the last few.

10 weeks.
More chocolate than baby.

Friday, August 19, 2016


This place is getting to me. Talking about it with Mitchy yesterday, she has the same feeling and I don't like that because this is home. I've always said that within my four walls, and the four walls of my parents and siblings homes, that is where my heart is, but on the outside you're immediate prey to anyone.

It's been an ugly few weeks in the community and although the issue didn't involve me or my immediate family directly, because it's a small place and because you're all family you are in it by default.

People say things who weren't even there. People say things who don't even know. Sometimes people even say things that are both irrelevant and fictional. Your opinion doesn't matter if you weren't there. Your opinion doesn't count if it didn't come from the horses mouth.

This isn't the Bridge Pa I knew. Just this morning I was sweeping stones off of my drive way and I remembered how Aunty Marva use to leave a broom just for the stones right at the entrance of the drive way. You can't do that now because someone will take the broom. She use to leave the house unlocked all the time, but my house is always locked and I only open it for a select few.

Church does not help. I've been struggling with that for a while, but the force behind it got stronger over the last few weeks and I dread attending - only because of the people. Right now the only reason I'm attending is because I don't want Hubs to miss out on what I believe to be true.

Outside of my house, this is not Bridge Pa anymore.
Not the Bridge Pa that I knew.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tylee & Shailee's birthday.

It was a long weekend and it's ended in a bout of Gastro that's hit the area pretty hard. Here's Avi at nearly 7 months.

The squad. Not sure what they were playing, but it was enough to keep them out of the house and off their devices for a few hours.

When it got dark I had to let them inside, unfortunately. I turned off the internet (didn't stop Nessa in the corner there), while the rest played.

The Cakes.

We had Tacos.

8 + 9 = 17.

21 + 2 = 23.

Dad wasn't home for Shaily's actual birthday and he won't be here for Tylers next week and even though he was here for the double-birthday-bash .. he chose to not be here and sleep.

Not your best picture girls.
I'll blame the gastro.

Avi had cake.

The cakes were done by The Baking Box in Napier and they were fantastic.

A great night, but as I said ... everyone has, has had or is going to have Gastro.
I can already tell it's going to be a bad week .. gastro-wise, but I'd much rather have Gastro than have a physical fight with my first cousins in front of children.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Allen Stone.

He's one of those guys who you need to watch with your eyes closed.
Like that Ed Sheeran chap.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mid week.

It's been a bit of an extreme week.

In the English dictionary, restitution means the act of restoring something that's been taken away or lost. The act of making good or rendering an equivalent for loss or injury. The restoration of the body back into the state of wholeness are shades of the restitution that would ultimately restore ALL THINGS.

I believe in the restitution of all things.

That's what I'm waiting for.
With popcorn on my lap.

In other news .. Hub's will be 6 in a few weeks. Ariel comes in November and I drive and Pokemon.

Our chapel is a Poke Stop ... at least it's good for something right now because I'm still trying to get over Sunday.

Monday, August 8, 2016

New Day. New Week. New Critic.

Mum. What do you do all day when I'm not with you? Do you just sit here and do nothing? Because I think about you when I'm at school and what you're doing and if you're just on the couch or just back in bed or just on your phone.

It didn't help that I was sitting across from her half asleep, cold and in my pajamas and robe at 7.40am. So I sent her off to school this morning and thought about her comments at breakfast.

When you go to school I do your laundry.
You know, the clean clothes you put on for one minute then throw into the washing basket just because you don't want to wear those colors today. 

I clean the kitchen.
You know, the kitchen that you and your 23 year old sister neglect every morning.

I take out the trash.
You know, the trash that you stuff everything and anything into and when it's full, you place it strategically on the revolving lid so it doesn't revolve anymore.

I refill all the water bottles.
You know, the ones I actually don't drink out of that are left around the kitchen.

I fold your clothes.
You know, the clothes you turn upside down in the drawer trying to find that one Shopkin at the bottom of it.

I clean your room.
You know, the room you don't even sleep in.

I clean your toys.
You know, aka: Digging the Shopkins out of the kinetic sand in the middle of the floor.

I make my bed.
You know, the bed you sleep in with me every night because you're too chicken to sleep in yours.

All that by 8.33am .. and school hasn't even started yet.

I take a shower ...

... and take advantage of you not being here by being luxurious and using shower gel.
You know, because the minute I get in you're knocking at the door and asking when I'm getting out.

I vacuum the floor.
You know, because someone has to clean the kinetic sand.

I plan the week.
You know, because you can't.

I make tea to cool down all day to drink before bedtime.
You know, so you can tip it out because you want to use that particular cup because it has the straw in it.

I light the fire to keep the house warm.
You know, so you don't get cold when we come home in the evening.

I play a little Beyon-she-he-he.
You know .. because I'd otherwise have to listen to Roar by Katy Perry, on repeat.

I fill the wood bins.
You know, because your little self can't carry the heavy ones.

By then it's 10am and you know the clock is 5 minutes fast because a faster clock means an earlier bedtime.

Then I decide to go visit Nan and get into the car and see imprints of you there too.

So I go to Nans.

And I clean the car .. somewhat.

Mummy Mitchy drops off Avi while I'm at Nans.
You know, because she's high maintenance too and Mummy Mitch is about to have a Manic Monday herself.

So I play with Avi and the Santa nesting doll.

And I try to make her crawl.

But her patience wears thin.

So we watch the rain.

And she finally falls asleep after 30 minutes of trying not to.

Then I pick you up from school and drop you off with Mummy Mitch and wait for Shaily at the bus stop .. and we watch adults play Pokemon Go from the chapel car park for ten minutes.

Then Shaily and I go to work.

After we spent an hour or two at The Livians and after I get to hear you cry, Rome cry, even Ngawi cried tonight and moan and fight .. we finally come home after a treat of McDonalds for dinner. I then get to listen to you read your books from school that day and even though I'm rolling my eyes because you're sounding the word HAD out wrong (H-h-h-e-e-a-a-d), I'm still awake and listening.

And we write your learning words up on the fridge whiteboard and run through them a few times.

Now it's 7.40pm .. on the dot. I should be watching an hour long winter episode of Shortland Street, but I'm hearing Penn Zero Part Time Hero from the Disney channel. The fire went out because the text I sent Tyler to load it was neglected and someone spilled my tea all over the bench. Soon you're going to fight me about brushing your teeth and going to bed and when I crawl into bed later tonight, you'll be on my side fast asleep drooling on my tri-pillow.

So child ... I don't stay home and do nothing all day.
Those days are saved for Thursdays.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...