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Marae ish.

They're trying to bring the family together to agree on something at the marae to get the ball rolling on the charter that is due. One issue is the wearing of gang patches on the marae and having someone on the board of trustees that is affiliated with a gang.

I don't have issue with a patch ban on marae grounds, but are marae grounds not liberal?

What I do take issue with is the possibility that a trustee cannot be affiliated with a gang and be on board as a member of the trustee committee. If someone claims their identity as a member of a gang, who may or may not be a criminal - criminal by reputation of the gang and not as an individual - it is not for us to decide their seat on a committee based on that.

I don't know if there is a Bill of Rights on the marae, but I grew up knowing that women couldn't speak on the paepae and men couldn't karanga.

How is being transgendered OK but being gang affiliated not?

I have no issue with either, but the truth is in the pudding that both are, ethically, equal.


Me said…
Does gang mean the same in NZ as in the US?
Unknown said…
Our marae has a no gang-patch policy, and anyone who is affiliated with a gang respects that when they come on to our marae. When you are on the marae you are not in your gang, you are a part of tangata whenua. As for having someone who is affiliated with a gang on the marae board, I agree with you...who are we to judge them. They are only human. They have chosen that lifestyle, but at the end of the day, they are capable of making decisions for their whanau/community.
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Nga mihi x

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