Monday, June 20, 2016


Covered and smothered breakfast.

Her hair does some crazy things sometimes.

It took Hub's 15 minutes to come out of school today. She was the last one out when usually she's the first one out. Sounds like she had a dilemma. Robert-William celebrated his birthday today and his grandmother bought cake for everyone at the school. She knew and her teacher knew that she wasn't allowed the cake, but she insisted. Eventually, the teacher cut her a small piece and she ran out to the car. Knowing it was contraband.
Mum, I have cake.
You can't have it. You're gluten free.
But I just want the cake.
But you're gluten free.
I just want some cake.
You can't! You're gluten free!
So hungry got her cake followed by a belly ache.


Tonight for FHE.

Excuse her false doctrine.
Men will not be punished from their own sins.
That lisp!

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