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Bad dreams.

Hubs had a bad dream lastnight. She didn't tell me the contents of her dream this morning like she usually does, but she mentioned it was a very very bad dream and motioned that she just didn't want to talk about it.

She went about her day enjoying her time with Aunty Tashi, Ngawi and Rome. She left at 9am and was gone til 5pm. When she got back she talked about her bad dream again. I recall her telling Mitchy about it, but I was otherwise incapacitated ... and I'm sure Mitchy wasn't listening.

When we came home tonight I noticed she turned every light on just to take her socks back into her bedroom. When she went to the bathroom she hugged me before she slowly made her way down the hallway and when I told her to take a laundry basket back into the bathroom and coughed during her walk back, she got such a fright she ran into my arms crying. She did this for the next two hours and it started to get irritating.

Forgetting about the bad dream I gave her a long lecture about how our house is safe and she shouldn't be scared in our house. I asked her what we ask for in our prayers every night and if anything bad has ever happened when we pray for safety. I had hoped this would ease whatever her worry was.

When I told her to brush her teeth it was like the end of the world because I didn't want to go with her into the bathroom. I never have to accompany her into the bathroom when she brushes her teeth so I told her off and forced her to do it because let's be real ... at minute 38 in the All Blacks vs Wales test, it was some intense play and I wasn't going anywhere for anyones dental hygiene.

I sent her to bed and her whimpers began almost immediately. 

M u m.

Then I remembered the bad dream. I jumped in bed with her and asked her about it. She said it was too scary to retell and she got quite upset. I prodded some more and she buried her head in the pillow and repeated that it was just too scary. I went through everything I thought it could be. Monsters? Zoo Gorillas? Ghosts? Zombies? The All Blacks losing tonight's game?

Then I remembered she had told Mitchy about the dream and reminded her of that.

"There was a button on the couch and if I touched it my eyes would go swirly and everyone's eyes went swirly who touched it".

Bless her, but I rolled my eyes. 

You forget as an adult what's unbelievably scary to a child. You forget that their minds are still fragile and they don't have a real concept of what scary truly is. To my 17 year old niece, scary is her Dad taking her iPhone off her. I told Hubs that everyone has bad dreams and when she has one all she needs to do is wake up and she'll be safe.

We said a prayer because half time was nearly over. We prayed for good dreams with lolly clouds, sugar rainbows and unicorns you could fly to Auckland. Also prayed that the All Blacks would come out of their losing score and said amen and before I left her in the room listening to Kirk Franklins Smile on repeat ..

Mum, what's your bad dream?
Pepsi not making Pepsi Max anymore.

For real.

All Blacks won.


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