Monday, November 9, 2015


When you psychologically perceive a pattern as something else aka. Matrixing. Like when you look at clouds and see a dragon or turtle. We subconsciously matrix by relating something we see to something we know, human attributes especially. You know like how some people see Jesus in a potato chip.

I looked through the entire shoot and came to the conclusion that it's not the boogey man. Shots from the other side of the fence shows wire crates full of the usual junk you'd find in an old mill. There were also posters inside the place and this could very well be one given it looks framed.


Melissa said...

Man I'm in awe that she found that. I would've never of seen it. Scary man but I think you're right.

CamillaS said...

If that 'face' wasn't in the other 6 shots I would have very much so been convinced it was the boogey man, but the same shape is consistent in all shots ruling the boogey man out completely.

Me said...

I love that you looked into it and de-boogeyman'd it. As Mark Watney from The Martian would say, you scienced the shit out of that ;)