Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Bweakfust!

Nessa is 13 today. Mitchy officially has 2 teenagers in her house and they're both female AND she's pregnant AND she has the laziest 7 year old I've ever known who may as well be a teenager. I don't wish to be her at all. Nessa didn't want cake or a birthday. Her birthday present was to be away from her family for a day and she did that yesterday with her bweakfust friends.
Back in 2004 when they were each others favorite people.

Happy Birthday Nessa Nu.
I'll save all the naked baby photos for your 21st or for when you get married to that American who's going to give you children who will listen to their music in your Range Rover, because you'll never turn their stink music off while driving, who will all be rocking American accents because you live in America.

Making a backup of my photos.
Holy hecknoid.

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