Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Twas the night before birthday.

Someone is 5 tomorrow.
I sent her to bed and forbid her from the lounge until she woke me up tomorrow morning. The Livians will be knocking at 7.30am bearing gifts.

Shes been pretty adamant about not wanting a birthday party this year. She doesn't want me to tell everyone in sharing time on Sunday either because she knows they'll sing Happy Happy Birthday to her. So it's strictly cake and gifts, as requested, and lunch tomorrow in Napier is strictly for Mitchy and I and not the birthday girl.

Like my desktop background?
Yes, I thought you might.

PS. NZ got the US TLC Channel added to the cable line up. I'm in Little People Big World and Sister Wives heaven.

Happy September. It's conventionally Spring today, but any self-respecting Kiwi knows it really begins mid-month and won't get consistently warm until November. Spring means there are only 3 months left before all the children will be out of school and in my space.


Me said...

Did her books arrive in time? I did a handmade one too, but that one will for sure be late :)

Melissa said...

Happy birthday to the hubba

Unknown said...

Regarding the photo outside the loo--- what a magical sight that must be !--- I don't think there can be a prouder nor more grateful parents,grandparents or greatgrandparents than Auntie Queenie and I -how can you not love that sight !!-- Thanks for the blog we're still avid readers. Keep it up and thank you.--Auntie Queenie and I xx

CamillaS said...

Ariel: Not yet, but it's ok. We'll let you know when it arrives!
Melissa: Thanks mucho!
Uncle Randle: You're awesome.