Thursday, September 24, 2015

School holidays starts tomorrow and I am sad about it.

It's been raining since at least Sunday and it's not supposed to stop till maybe Monday. If it keeps raining we'll be flooded and the only way across the dip to civilization would be to swim because my Vectra is not a 4WD, but it's OK .. I have a store cupboard with enough sgetti and peaches in it to feed the nation.

We went to see a movie today at the local cinema, which is much more expensive than the commoners cinema in Napier. I should have taken a photo of the missing hole where the drinks are supposed to fit. It's purposely flat for a cheese board that is available from the cinema cafe.
Who in the hell wants to eat gorgonzola and beef summer sausage while watching a movie?
The food cost more than the tickets.

My mum found this Christmas card rifling through stuff looking for a photo. I wonder why they didn't sign it as 'The All Blacks' because they got that name in the early 1900s. AB vs Namibia tomorrow morning. They can do this blind folded. They should do it blind folded otherwise it's going to be a very boring game.

So ... Merry Christmas!

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