Saturday, September 5, 2015

Never judge a book by it's cover. Never.

I saw something quite extraordinary on the field at the PA League game today. It was something that, at times, had me unexpectedly choke up with emotion.

The extraordinary thing was that it wasn't from the team I was cheering for.

I'd heard all week about the reputation of the Bull Dogs. Who they stand for and how today's game was the game not to miss. I went along to the field with my camera expecting fights and brutality. I expected a game full of insult and abuse from the team with the bad rep. Instead I saw the epitome of what team spirit is.

They were enthusiastic despite the game not being in their favor. They were supportive of each other and listened. They lacked skill, but they had discipline. They ran out of energy, but they were committed.

Not everyone is meant to be Sonny Bill Williams and it's only reserves grade.

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