Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday School.

Prepped her Monday lessons last night and tried to stick to some kind of order, but she got a magnet wand in her most recent school resources so she'd bounce from room to room looking for metal to attract when she was supposed to be doing story writing.

It takes her AGES to do six lines of words. It's not because she's slow, it's because she purposely writes a letter wrong because she has a thing about erasers/rubbers and rubbing it out to make another mistake and rub it out again.

Got 2 stamps for her number 15 despite that last one looks more like is than 15.

Sight words for the week - My, big, this, a.

Science! We tested out how fresh our eggs were. The results didn't tell me what a floating standing up egg does. 3 of 4 eggs were floating, but were upright. In my world, that's still fresh until they float horizontally.

The magnet wand.

Need to go steal some baking soda from someones pantry for the volcano experiment.
And this came in the mail today.

The Livians have taken her for a ride to town .. while she is gone I will have a sleep on the couch work on my school assessment and maybe work on that second book just for Ngaio .. who sucks.