Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wasted day in a good way.

Always a great way to start the day with a chainsaw alarm clock. Looked like the Priesthood were cutting trees this morning and creating a bon fire big enough to see from space. My view across the road is getting better with those missing trees. I hope they cut more then I'll be able to see across the paddock. Rural dreams are free.
Did stuff this morning then came home and decided to have myself an afternoon at home with season one of The Last Ship. We're at episode 7 and McSteamy from Greys Anatomy is great on it. The weather called for a lazy afternoon and that's just what we had.

Added some comfort food for good measure because everybody needs cornbread on a rainy day.

Religion tomorrow.
My ward depresses me.
My mantra for Sundays ..
The church is true despite some of these people 
Keep your head down and be effective in your calling.

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