Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 25.

Assignment: To evoke a mood without a face.
Mood - Sick/Lazy/Couch potato.
Sick with sinusitis.

Do you know why the ring finger is where it is? I found this information out on a menses pad wrapper, but that finger is said to be the only finger with a vein that has a direct connection to the heart - The Vena Amoris.  Funny the places you learn things.
I wear Larry's ring and he wears mine. I made the quick switch in the hospital 933 days ago.

A boss at brushing her own teeth now.

My lemons were raided for funerals back in November last year. It was a summer of no lemons, which is unusual because that particular tree is, normally, perpetual. They've returned with a vengeance this winter.


Melissa said...

What will you do with the lemons?
Great info on the ring.

CamillaS said...

Make lemonade and winter ceviche!