Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Poupou Huia Te Reo finishes this week. I have not heard back re: my oral assessment. No news is good news. While sitting at my Mums today, Dora the Explorer was on the Maori channel and she was speaking Te Reo. I understood a few words, but nothing enough to string anything understandable together.

Sponge Bob Tarau Porawhā was after Dora and I understood enough to know that Patrick, who was in a cleaning frenzy at home, was going loco because his parents were visiting. By no means is it the Paepae, but it's a good enough start.

Passed my 3rd paper for school (not te reo). I really want to do a Medical Imaging program, but the closest one is in Palmerston North and I'm not up for relocating.  It's only two hours away, but unless there's a Star Gate somewhere, I'm not making that drive daily.

107 days till Rugby World Cup 2015.
Sister is in town.
Tyler is home.
Livian got back tonight.
Winter is here.

There are no photos today.

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