Friday, June 12, 2015


Step into my dental clinic. I don't have $100+ for a tooth extraction and so, like a boss, I did it myself with my mana wahine tools while I had myself a King of Queens marathon. I've been prodding the tooth (second molar) for a week now. It didn't hurt, it wasn't infected it was just wiggly. I watched youtube videos on tooth extractions, even saved some physics forceps on my eBay watch list to buy. Youtube told me to pull and twist, gently.
So I did.
It was great, especially the part when it pops out of the socket and slides out like butter.

Facetiming with Bebi before bedtime.

Heads up.
Don't have ice cream after you extract your own tooth.

Forgive me for the poor quality of the iPod photos.

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Melissa said...

This was on yourself? I wonder why it was wiggly? I'm glad it went so well.

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