Monday, June 29, 2015

School Monday.

Fun with magnets. A bit of a headache because I have to make sure all are accounted for at the end of game play. They all need to be returned when our month is over. Those resources make me clean my house. Spent a week looking for a rectangle block a few months ago.

Identifying numbers. She can identify up to 12 and count up to 14 before she starts back at one again. No sweat with colors. I called out a number with color for this game and she'd bring it to me. Similar to bingo except it took a whole hour to do 52 cards. Score 50/52. Not bad, not  bad at all.

She's pretty serious with a screw driver. We have to make something before the 20th for a carpentry project. Trying to avoid it, but she likes to remind me about how she'd like to use the hammer and nails. I'm thinking more along the lines of glue and Popsicle sticks.

May this week be carefree and without incidents that barricade the way to next Monday.

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