Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I am sick.

Being sick is a disgusting affair.
Six degrees of separation is a fantastical thing.
Hubba is Papa Greg's favorite.
Papa Greg works with Izzy Dagg's Dad.
Izzy Dagg is an All Black.
Richie McCaw is an All Black and you know I love me some Richie McCaw.
Hubba got the hook up.

When is Richie McCaw coming home?
I ask myself the same thing all the time.

Hubba likes to lick the flavor off of crackers and return them to the container. They sat on the piano for a few days and brother 3 came over to visit one day. As he happily helped himself to her crackers, I kept quiet and watched. He ate a lot before he commented about the shapes having no flavor. I told him why. Now it makes Hubba giggle every time we see Shapes in the supermarket.

Origin game 2 tonight.

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